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LASIK is a laser surgery that reshapes the eye, allowing the patient to see clearly. It is effective for people with and without astigmatism, though the procedure is different for those with astigmatism. But how much does LASIK cost for astigmatism? 

It might be tempting to schedule with a surgeon that offers bargain pricing. That may end up costing you more in the long run. In most cases, insurance will not cover LASIK, as it is an elective procedure. 

In the following post, Dr. Russ Van Norman at Shreveport Eye Specialists will explain the ins and outs of LASIK for astigmatism, as well as answer the question “how much does LASIK cost for astigmatism?”

How Much Does LASIK Cost for Astigmatism: General LASIK vs. LASIK For Astigmatism

Before we talk about LASIK for astigmatism, let’s talk about astigmatism, vision problems, and general LASIK.

General LASIK

In order to see images clearly, light rays must move through the eye and converge on the back of the eye. If you are nearsighted, light converges in the middle of the eye. If you are farsighted, light converges behind the eye. LASIK involves removing some tissue so that light converges on the proper spot. 

For people without astigmatism, LASIK can be a relatively simple procedure. Their doctors will determine a specific amount of tissue to remove, and remove it in one slice with the laser.

LASIK For Astigmatism

But if you have astigmatism, your eye has irregularities in shape. Sometimes the eye is the shape of a football rather than a baseball. This unusual curve blurs the vision. This is the most common explanation of astigmatism.

Not all astigmatism is the same, however. Some types of astigmatism include small irregularities in shape in just one part of the eye. No matter your type of astigmatism, though, it isn’t as simple as one slice with a laser.

With LASIK for astigmatism, surgeons apply the laser in a zone-by-zone format, shaping the irregular parts of the eye to funnel light to the appropriate spot. They use specialized equipment that maps the surface of the eye, making it easier to reshape. 

Doctors may also use this mapping technique for patients without astigmatism. However, it is far from necessary in those cases. In the case of patients with astigmatism, mapping greatly increases the likelihood of the procedure’s success.

After surgery, for both general LASIK and LASIK for astigmatism, people may experience the symptoms of dry eye. This includes:

  • A gritty feeling 
  • Itching 
  • Blurred vision
  • Some pain

These symptoms will fade four to six months after surgery. The majority of the time, the only post-procedure care you need is eye drops your doctor can give to you. 

How Much Does LASIK Cost For Astigmatism: LASIK Costs Thousands 

On average, LASIK costs about $2200 per eye. Again, that is an average; a quote from your doctor may be higher or lower, depending on your geographic location. 

But when compared to the cost of glasses and maintaining contact lenses, $4400 is reasonable or even low. While glasses and contact lens costs come out over several months, though, LASIK costs come out all at once. 

Even though prices may differ some between practices, you have to weigh that against the cost of travel. If you’re in California and find cheaper LASIK in Georgia, spending $1000 to fly there and book a hotel room for your procedure will likely make up the difference.

There are additional factors that raise the cost of surgery even more. A doctor with a significant amount of experience performing LASIK may charge more for the procedure. 

Let’s talk about “how much does LASIK cost for astigmatism?”. It is likely that LASIK with astigmatism will cost more. This is because doctors that use the mapping technology that makes LASIK for astigmatism more effective are likely to charge more.

Most doctors will give you an estimate of costs before you schedule the surgery. That way, you can understand how much you need to put aside for the procedure.  

How Much Does LASIK Cost for Astigmatism: Bargain Pricing 

You may see billboards or ads in your community advertising highly discounted LASIK procedures. These bargain prices may include the surgery itself, but they do not include:

  • Your pre-op screening exam
  • Advanced technologies, including mapping 
  • Astigmatism correction
  • Aftercare
  • Additional corrections if your vision does not clear

These are not steps in the process that you can skip. We all want a bargain every now and then, but eye surgery is not the place to look for discounted pricing.

Many clinics do have payment plans for their LASIK procedures, even for LASIK with astigmatism. They might have special offers that will knock some of the price off. You can only know this by speaking directly to the providers in your area.

How Much Does LASIK Cost for Astigmatism: Insurance

Even if you have astigmatism, glasses and contacts can help you see clearly. Insurance companies rely on this fact when they are doling out vision benefits. They do not need to offer benefits for LASIK surgery because glasses and contacts do a perfectly good job correcting vision. 

Many insurance companies consider LASIK to be a cosmetic procedure for those who do not want to wear glasses or contacts. For this reason, insurance rarely pays for the full cost of surgery. 

But there are insurance plans that offer laser surgery benefits. You can use these to offset the cost of surgery. Be sure to investigate your insurance plan before you sign up for surgery so that you understand exactly what these benefits are. 

There are also some insurance providers that have preferred LASIK providers in your area. These LASIK providers may offer you a percentage off your procedure as a perk of being a member of that insurance plan. 

In all of these instances, you will probably still have to pay some part of your LASIK surgery. There are ways to offset the costs, but some percentage will still fall to you. 

How Much Does LASIK Cost for Astigmatism? Ask Shreveport Eye Specialists!

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